1711 Players Loaded


1398 Goals Scored


166 Clubs Added


We’ve gone International



This past weekend saw JustScored cross borders with the DHL Africa Cup 2019!

Teams from all over Africa made their way to the home of Ajax Cape Town to showcase their footballing talents. Angola, Cameroon, DRC, Ethiopia, Ivory Cost, Mozambique, Nigeria, Senegal and South Africa (to name a few) were all represented at the two day event, with none other than our own Carl Wastie on hand to keep the crowd entertained.

Other than exciting, physical football, the nations displayed their cheer-leading abilities as an added bonus. Basket Tosses, Partner Stunts, Pyramids, Transitions and Tumbling are some the measured criteria which makes ‘cheer-leading’ a little harder than it sounds.

Congratulations to Nigeria for taking the top stop in both competitions!

Ị mere nke ọma!

A special word of thanks must go to Steve Bailey and Louise Otter – without your belief in JustScored, this opportunity would have not been possible!

Thank You!


The JTi Team